Sunday, March 12, 2006

Leg two. August 3, 2005

Day two of the voyage started early with coffee and showers at the marina. Sleeping was actually very good. The parents were up in the V-Birth and Sean was in the mid ship birth. I was confined to the coffin bunk that was actually very cosey. The only notable problem was the volume of the lapping of the water against the hull in the back birth. 8am and motored out of Flounder Bay Marina southbound. No wind and the motor was running well. Lynn fixed breakfast burritos and we were beam Whidbey Navel Air Station with a 2.5 kt. Current pushing us along at 8.5 kts. Over the ground. 10:50 am and we finally were able to raise the sails and get some blessed silence. After a cold lunch we sailed on to pass Point No Point at 2:35pm.
5:10pm and we were approaching Shilshole marina in north Seattle. On the entry to the marina we rescued a wind surfer who was waving for help. He had sailed a few hundred yards and fallen off the board. He was not strong enough to raise mast again and was slowly being pushed out into the sound. We threw a line and towed him into the marina.We had dinner on the boat and fed some of the wildlife. There was a pin sticking out of the spreaders half way up the mast that was sticking the main sail, so Brad was hoisted up the mast to do some repairs. Kelly, Sean’s wife, came by to give Sean a real bed to sleep in and we prepared for another night on the boat.


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