Friday, April 14, 2006

Last one! Aug 4, 2005

Day three started with an early breakfast of ham and eggs. Sean rode his bike from his house to see us off on the last leg of delivery. At 11:15am we are ready to shove off, but the boat is not. The engine will crank but not stay running. I try the fuel and the air. NOTHING. A call was made to my sailing friend Star, She brought Dave who knows about the old Atomic 4. The first thing he did was pull the spark plugs to show a black soiled mess. Once the plugs were replaced she fired right up on the first try. The two year old gas might have something to do with this. At 2:55pm we motor out of Shilshole. The sails were raised and we did 4.4 kts for about an hour before we decided to start the motor again. 7:30 in Tyee in Tacoma. Home at last!!


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