Thursday, April 20, 2006

Eagle Island II - Sep 15, 2005

We awoke to a spectacular sun rise and an island that was much larger at low tide. The shore line was about 40 feet larger and was covered with seals and sea lions. There were at least 60 seals all hanging out on the beach sunning. After a hearty breakfast we rowed back to Eagle Island and walked around rocky shore making friends with the wildlife. We were shocked to see another island to the west of Eagle now sticking up in the low tide. We later found that this is Eagle Reef. Originally the islands were known as the Peppercorns, Tom and Ned. After returning to the boat we got under way. It was decided that we would take the long way home around Anderson Island. Oro Bay, on the east side of Anderson Island was a great stop. This is the home of a small yacht club and the Ocean City. This is an old ferry that is being restored on the island. The bay is very protected and is home to many small boats anchored in the calm waters. After leaving the bay it was off under the bridge again. We were able to sail back to Tyee after rounding Point Defiance in Tacoma. We pulled into Tyee about 6:30 pm. It was a great trip.


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